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L. A. Guns/Jared James Nichols/Stone Trigger Review 4/9/18

"A break in the set sees Jared James Nichols return to the stage, this time with a full fat Gibbo around his neck. The resulting jam was a master of Blues Rock, with JJN towering over the relatively diminutive Guns, trading licks with all the joy of the great masters and prodigies. Spine tingling stuff. Penultimate track 'The Ballad of Jayne' sees a slower lament with Guns playing some excellent solo work whilst Lewis again conducts a heartfelt singalong. Closing track is, in contrast, the angry 'Rip and Tear' which ("My name is Phillip") Lewis uses to introduce the band and bid adieu to our hearing as they sign off with a bang."

Today read the whole of Mother's L. A. Guns, Jared James Nichols (Video Of The Day) and Stone Trigger O2 Academy Islington review from Friday night here, plus check out our Photo Gallery here.


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