L.A. Guns Checkered Past 25/10/21

Today's Video Of The Day, 'Get Along', is the latest single lifted from L.A. Guns forthcoming album, ‘Checkered Past’, due out on Friday 12th November, that sees Messrs Guns, Lewis and co mixing heavy songs with bluesier, boogie inducing tracks and introspective ballads, that occasionally hark back to their early records, yet nevertheless show them maintaining their current creative peak, that has resulted in the recent and much heralded albums, ‘The Devil You Know’ and ‘The Missing Peace’. With a tracklisting divided into particular styles that are explored across a set of songs, before moving on to the next, it makes for a unique listening experience, and the cohesiveness of a now well-oiled unit is very much on full display here. Indeed, from the band's self-titled 1988 debut, right up to the present, they have always delivered solid Rock ’n' Roll to their fans, with the current incarnation also touring non-stop right up until the worldwide pandemic struck.