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Kryptos Afterburner 9/6/19

Celebrating the band's twenty-year anniversary, the spearhead of the Indian Metal Revolution, four-piece Kryptos, release their ferocious fifth album 'Afterburner' on Friday 21st June, featuring razor sharp riffs, screaming solos and a raging twin guitar attack, but still remain true to their underground roots, shaping their very own Kryptos style, somewhere between hotshot old school Heavy Metal and a precise high-speed thrashing twist, flooring the gas pedal and putting Indian Metal on the map once and for all! Their first three albums 'Spiral Ascent' (2004), 'The Ark Of Gemini' (2008) and 'The Coils Of Apollyon' (2012) were highly acclaimed by the press, but were kept under the radar of the masses until their 2016 killer album 'Burn Up The Night' changed the band's dark horse status. Kryptos will hit European shores once again in the summer of 2019 to bring their blistering brand of 80’s inspired Heavy Metal to the masses.

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