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Krissy At Fiddler's Elbow Tonight! 19/4/17

"Matthews then poses the question: "Siegen - are you ready to rock" - as another self-penned Blues Rock corker 'Language By Injection' - written about a night out in Poland when touring - nudge nudge wink wink - delivers as promised. Krissy then shares a special personal moment with Freak Valley - "Seven years ago I was very lucky to meet the King of the Blues - Mr. B.B. King - and this is a song I wrote later that night" - cue 'The Soul Will Never Die' including both a two minute opening guitar solo that the great man - God bless him - would have been proud of - plus another towards the end which hears the German crowd roar with approval."

That was part of our recent take on Krissy Matthews album 'Live At Freak Valley' - and we are off to see the man himself live at The Fiddler's Elbow in London's Camden tonight. Prost!


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