Kris Barras Garage Review 27/2/19

"Ah, and now, the Les Paul is back on and the time has come for what has quickly become the absolute highlight of the Kris Barras Band set - it’s the sublime 'Watching Over Me'. As soon as the sombre piano intro starts the place erupts into cheers. Anybody would think from this reaction that’s it’s a cherished oldie but no - it’s the LAST track on Kris’s LAST album from LAST year! Kris tells the story of how, inspired by his dad, he started playing guitars at nine. We lost him, he says, a short time ago to cancer and this is for him. The guitar intro starts and there’s no hiding the inspiration for THIS one - the late, great and lamented Gary Moore. You can tell the proper Kris fans love this one too, the phones are out and if they could the lighters would be out too. They’re right, it’s the song of the night and it’s the solo of the night. You can imagine Kris’s dad having a beer (or possibly a Guinness?) with Gary upstairs and saying “that’s my boy down there!” Even grumpy old Gary would give a grin."

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