Krautrock Legend's Silhouetttes 26/5/18

Iconic Krautrock legend and seminal electronic music pioneer Klaus Schulze released ‘Silhouettes’, his first new studio album for five years, on SPV’s Oblivion record label yesterday. 70 year old Schulze, who was born in Berlin, started his musical career as a drummer, initially with amateur band Psy Free, then with Berlin sound avant-gardists Tangerine Dream before going on to join Ash Ra Tempel. Following the recording of Ash Ra Tempel’s debut album, Schulze left the fold to embark on his solo career. Even more than with a band, the creative work of a solo artist is the direct and unadulterated reflection of recent experiences, a mirror of the soul, an undiluted reaction to their current life situation. Indeed, the four compositions on the album were created between Summer and Autumn last year, reflecting an extended period which was – due to health problems – very quiet and for this reason very meditative at times.