KrashKarma Stranded 10/10/18

The duo that has been labeled as “The White Stripes Of Metal” are conquering the scene of heavy music worldwide. With over 600 international shows and their third full-length album 'Morph' released last month, KrashKarma from Los Angeles is steadily rising through the ranks establishing themselves as one of the hottest touring acts. Niki Skistimas (vocals, drums) and Ralf Dietel (vocals, guitars) are drawing their intensive energy from generations of Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Alternative and Punk music. The commanding sound that is driven by Ralf’s unique Frankenstein guitar/bass creation and his urgent shouts combined with Niki’s soothing but sinful voice and pounding rhythm, deliver a fresh urgency that doesn’t seem to fit into any pre-existing genres. No two-piece band has ever sounded so huge. The broad spectrum of media coverage and the consistently euphoric reviews underline that KrashKarma not only have infiltrated the scene of heavy music but continue to morph into a monster that cannot be stopped! Just check out 'Stranded' - the first video taken from 'Morph' which is today's Video Of The Day.