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Konkret Musik 31/7/20

Swedish Electronica/Progressive Rock instrumentalists Gösta Berlings Saga released their sixth studio album, 'Konkret Musik', worldwide last week, via Inside Out Music, and their song, 'To Never Return', is today's Video Of The Day. Check out the cool clip directed by Martin Gustafsson, one of twelve explosive tracks filled with experimental instrumental Rock, showcasing a truly unique mix of Progressive Rock, synth minimalism and otherworldly melodies. Dystopian yet hopeful, maximal yet minimal, 'Konkret Musik', featuring David Lundberg - Fender Rhodes, grand piano, mellotron and synthesisers, Gabriel Tapper - bass guitar and Moog Taurus pedals, Rasmus Booberg - guitars and synthesisers, Alexander Skepp - drums and percussion, and Jesper Skarin - percussion, will not leave anyone unaffected.


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