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King King + Sari Schorr Koko Review 11/2/19

"We’re celebrating our tenth anniversary", says Alan and announces 'Rush Hour' from what is arguably their breakthrough album 'Reaching For The Light' from 2015. The believers sing along with the power ballad unbidden from the top. Other bands have to make an effort to get the punters to sing along, not King King fans, they just do it. I remember Robbie Williams at Live 8 trying to get people to sing along and looking miffed that they weren’t doing it. Mate, we’re not here to see YOU we’re here to see FLOYD!!! We’re gonna stay here with our arms folded and NOT sing along to bloody 'ANGELS'. Not if you paid us. Alan realises there’s some old fans here tonight and welcomes them. “To the newcomers - welcome to hell!” With that we get 'Heed The Warning' another appeal for the world to get it’s shit together before it’s too late. Some thoughtful stuff going on here." Read the whole of Pete Elphick's King King + Sari Schorr, Koko, London, gig review from last Thursday here, plus check out Bruce Biege's Photo Gallery here.

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