King King CD Review 30/10/20

"No, it’s solid, anthemic Rock from the kick off with the single ‘Never Give In’ opening side one (it is available on vinyl after all) sounding rather like Bad Company (which is not bad company to be compared to) with the classic arrangement of big slashing chords for the first three phrases of the verses and a descending run on the fourth. It even has a double time pick up at the end of the song; showing off time and tested moves! Rather like the opening track off their last excellent album, ‘Exile & Grace’, which was used as the opening number when I saw them last live back in 2018, this has all the credentials to be the new blockbuster set opener.” Today read yet another one of our great album reviews, as Simon Green gives you his take here on King King's new CD 'Maverick', which is being released next Friday 6th November, that includes their second single, and today's Video Of The Day, 'Never Give In'.