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Kinder Surprise 28/4/19

German band Stahlmann, known for their spectacular stage presence and for their hard German-speaking Rock Music, are also famous for constantly developing their uncompromising sound. Thus their latest album 'Kinder Der Sehnsucht', released last month, breaks open some traditional genre borders. The band consisting of Martin ”Mart” Soer (vocals & programming), Mario Sobotka (guitars), Eugene "Gene“ Getman (bass) and Dimitrios “Tacki“ Gatsios (drums), sees stoic guitars, chilling electro-parts and brute lyrics mix perfectly with light Punk Rock and Deutsch Rock elements. Consequently 'Kinder Der Sehnsucht' is made of musical and textual depth and stands for a rousing atmosphere of departure. All that the hard German music scene is representing today - all of this is part of this record.


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