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Kenny's History Lesson 16/6/20

Kenny Roby knew from the start there would be a lot to say for his first solo album in seven years, the emotionally and musically expansive 'The Reservoir', due to be released on Friday 7th August from Royal Potato Family, of which Roby has just released his single 'History Lesson'. So much had changed in his world and the world at large since his stately 2013 LP, 'Memories & Birds', an exquisite reflection on the experiences and apprehensions of crossing over 40. Roby's iconic Alt-Country band 6 String Drag had reunited for runs of spirited shows and two barreling, wise Rock 'n' roll Records. And then, of course, there was the wider social upheaval of the last decade. Indeed, there was plenty to process for a new collection of songs. These 16 tunes collectively summon the wealth of Roby's experience, as a human being and as a musician.

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