Keith Emerson 1944 - 2016 13/3/16

When I was 15 my next door neighbour Phil handed me a Memorex 120 self compilation cassette tape (pictured) to listen to. He was three years older than me but was a bit like an older brother looking after me if I got into any scrapes at school (no change there then). Anyway I thought of Phil as more of a 'Soul boy' but once I heard the intro to The Nice's 'Karelia Suite' I was hooked all the way through from 'One Of Those People' to ELP's 'Tarkus'. Another new dimension for me in the wonderful word of Prog Rock and an introduction to keyboard wizard Keith Emerson who sadly died on Friday aged 71. Yesterday - 44 years on - I played that same tape in memory of not only Emerson but also my old mate Phil who is now also with Keith at that great gig in the sky. Anyway, less of the words - today's Vid Of Day let's Emerson's fingers do the talking. AJ.