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Keeping Up With The Jones Boy 2/6/19

Laurence Jones is back and is ready to tear up the UK and Europe with new self-titled album Laurence Jones Band. The accomplished new album, recorded in Miami, and produced by Gregory Elias is set for release on Friday 27th September on Top Stop Music via Sony. The first single from the album – 'I’m Waiting' – is today's Track Of The Day and was released last Friday. Laurence's band is comprised of Laurence (vocals and guitar), Phil Wilson (drums), Bennett Holland (keyboard) and Greg Smith (bass), and they will take the album on tour in November 2019 including London's Oslo on Saturday 23rd. Jones has been writing songs and releasing albums since 2012. During this time, the Blues Rock troubadour has been busy fine-tuning his sound playing to packed house across Europe, paving the way for a new generation of Blues Rock performers, guitarists and singer songwriters.