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Keep Off The Grass 8/3/18

'Keep Off The Grass’, The Dark Light’s debut album, set for release on Friday 6th April on the Unknown Pleasures label, distributed by Cargo Records, is a deeply melodious, intoxicatingly moreish collection of consummate, timeless, Rock ‘n’ Roll infused music concoctions. The Dark Light meld the best elements of The Stooges, Rolling Stones and The Beatles, then mix in a myriad of mesmerising melodies along with singer Gerard Edwards’ distinctive, raucous vocals to create their singular sound. ‘Keep Off The Grass’ contains ten flawlessly composed, dirty guitar driven songs, all boasting big choruses and immediately hummable, harmonious tunes which won’t get out of your brain once they’ve inevitably worked their way inside. To prove that - check out today's Track Of The Day of 'To The Sky'.


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