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Kaz Live Stream Tonight! 18 June 2015

Recently showcased in one of our 'Introducing ....' features and given that the WRC are proponents of 'Keeping Music Live' - Kaz and her Band O’Men are playing The South Woodchester Convent, Stroud, Gloucestershire at 8pm tonight - and if you can't make it to the venue - then you can still be 'there'. With support gigs under her belt such as Sir Van Morrison, Nanci Griffiths and Chris Farlow - Kaz launched her debut album 'Get Ready' and received a raft of top notch notices. Recently awarded the 2014 Rising Star Award from the world famous Blues & Soul Magazine and being a British Blues Award nominee in 2013 has brought much attention from the music industry in the UK. And you can also be 'there' tonight by booking a live stream here. Enjoy!

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