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Katatonia Behind The Blood 19/4/20

Katatonia return with their brand-new album 'City Burials' this coming Friday 24th April, on Peaceville Records, and the album’s second single 'Behind The Blood' is today's Video Of The Day. The track bursts into life with a trademark screaming guitar solo before dropping into an upbeat distinctive and hugely memorable Katatonia chorus. Katatonia was formed in 1991 by Jonas Renkse and Anders Nyström, transitioning from early pioneers of the rising Black/Death/Doom movement, to powerhouses of the Progressive Metallic Rock genre. Taking an unexpected break, following the conclusion of their 2016 'The Fall Of Hearts' album tour, they are not only back, but newly armed with arguably their finest album to date. Also consisting of Niklas Sandin - bass, Daniel Moilanen - drums and Roger Öjersson - guitar, the enormously vivid and powerful 'City Burials' is indeed an opus of absorbing, soaring Progressive Rock and meticulously crafted doses of melancholy.


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