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Kansas Comes To Europe 8/3/20

Not only will America’s legendary Progressive Rock band Kansas (Video Of The Day) release their highly anticipated new studio album 'The Absence of Presence' on Inside Out Music on Friday 26th June, but later this year, they will also go on the road in Europe with their Point of Know Return Anniversary Tour, which kicks off at The London Palladium on Sunday 18th October. The new album features nine all new tracks written by the band, produced by Zak Rizvi, and co-produced by Phil Ehart and Richard Williams. Kansas’s signature sound is unmistakable throughout, showcasing Ronnie Platt’s towering vocals, David Ragsdale’s searing violin, Tom Brislin’s dazzling keyboards, Williams and Rizvi’s electrifying guitar riffs, Ehart’s powerful drums and Billy Greer’s rocking bass!


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