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Kadinja's DNA 21/10/19

Today's Track Of The Day is taken from Kadinja's new album, 'DNA' (Dedication.Nostalgia.Addiction) which was released at the end of last month with Arising Empire, and is composed of ten iconic cover songs from the late 90's/early 2000. Through this tribute record, the band added technical and modern Metal touches, for a kind of revival of Rock/Metal masterpieces. This Progressive Metal quintet was founded in Paris in 2013, the same year the band released its first self-titled EP, followed by many shows and festivals such as Lower Tuned, Tech Fest and Euroblast, with bands that are pillars of the Progressive Metal scene. Their previous album 'Super 90’, which came out in January this year, aimed to seduce a larger audience beyond the Metal scene, having more of a conceptual approach, both on the Rock side and going deeper into musical techniques.

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