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JV's 'Live At Boske'! 18 March 2015

Our mate John Verity tells us "It's Finished!" But don't worry - it's good news - JV's new live album 'Live at Boske' is all finished and gone off for manufacture! The album will be available soon and is a collection of live-in-the studio recordings of familiar material plus two unreleased demos of songs new to the live set in the next few weeks. And JV will be debuting the new material at this Sunday's Dannys Bar, Esquires, Bedford gig starting at 6pm not only with his old muckers Henrit & Skeaty but also special guest Bianca Kinane and guest keyboard wizard Tom Wilson. Finally, don't forget that the current JV studio album 'Tone Hound On The Last Train To Corona' (pictured) is of course still available!


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