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Just 3 Days To TNMC Anniversary Bash! 30 July 2015

As promised today's Track Of The Day is Tuesday night's Blues On The Radio podcast featuring WRC Award winner Robin Bibi ahead of his gig at the TNMC. And talking of the Tuesday Night Music Club - it's now just 3 days and counting till their first anniversary party celebrations at Hooley Village Club, St. Margaret's Road, Hooley Village, Coulsdon, Surrey, CR5 3RB between midday and midnight on Saturday! There's not only a Charity raffle, the launch of the first Club CD, food and a bar with Club prices - but also twelve hours of non-stop live music including the Dave Jackson Band, Gary Grainger, Ged Wilson, Half Deaf Clatch, Katie Bradley Band, Laura Holland Band (pictured), Mark Harrison, Martin McNeill, Mississippi MacDonald & The Cottonmouth Kings, Poplar Jake & EDR, Ramon Goose, Rebecca Downes Band, Richard Townend, the Sharpees and Trevor Sewell Band! Phew!

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