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Journey Into Darkness Interview 13/1/21

Brett from Journey Into Darkness joins today's Zach Moonshine Show Podcast Of The Day to talk about their latest record 'Multitudes of Emptiness' plus take questions from Zach's listeners as well. This episode also features new music from Pelvic Meatloaf, Sinira, Deliberate Miscarriage, Demon Head, Cobra Spell, Killing Tyranny, Misanthropik-Torment, Gravehuffer, Jason Aaron Wood, Arhat, Markus Spittka, Alligator, Eximperitus and Ward XVI. Zach also pays tribute to Alexi Laiho from Children Of Bodom and there's some classics by request from Ghost, Necrotion, Pink Carnage, Anschluss Amor, Rock N Roll Villain Society and Brutal Death Fuck.

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