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Joker & The Thief & The Forum! 20/4/16

"The static frizzy hair of the frontman, mixed with the energetic chemistry of his band is phenomenal when seen and heard live, and the Indigo 02 becomes an impressive musical playground as an over-excited Peres balances his entire body on the keyboard at one point. Fans gasp at the band as the place goes wild during the encore for the ever-famous riff of ‘Joker and the Thief’, which ends the night in style. This Indigo stage is made for the Australians and it is exactly where they belong. After all, Wolfmother’s sound is best complimented and seemingly made especially to suit live performances. I for one cannot wait to see them again!!!" Unfortunately, WTS will be otherwise engaged at ELO tonight following his review above from July 2012 (pictured)! However, another WRC contingent will be at The Forum, Kentish Town, tonight to take in the mighty Wolfmother!

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