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John Diva & The Rockets Of Love Album Review 24/2/21

"In this, their latest release, the band rolls out a tight roller-coaster of excessive Rock and the solidity and synchronicity the band presents throughout is exemplary. A hedonistic release flamboyantly stomping in with an American gusto that would be expected from the 1980's, the band sure-footedly grabs you with it's infectious vital Rock and pomp.Even whilst unsure as to whether I actually liked what I was hearing, I found that my mood was instantly picked up and I was transported to a place in my very core where energy and enthusiasm remains undiminished!" Check out today both Di Foxy's complete take on John Diva & The Rockets of Love's latest album, 'American Amadeus', released last month, plus our Video Of The Day of 'Drip Drip Baby'.

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