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John Coghlan's Quo Review 20/7/21

"Coghlan finally returned to his kit on his favourite Quo song, ‘April, Spring, Summer & Wednesdays’, plus ‘Don't Drive My Car’, an interesting take/edited version of ‘Pictures of Matchstick Men’, along with the encore of ‘Rocking All Over the World’. Cue mass applause from the socially distanced crowd in the house, and even though we really tried to get them out for a second time, we humbly accepted the fact they had already played an afternoon show! Notable mention also goes to the two sound men from the Half Moon - top quality gentlemen!"

Being positive and trying to embrace this week's supposed new 'freedom', today we actually have a new gig review, courtesy of Geoff C., who took in John Coghlan's Quo, live at London's Half Moon in Putney last Saturday, plus also a medley Vid Of The Day of 'Gerdundula', 'April, Spring, Summer & Wednesdays' and 'Rocking All Over The World'.


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