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Joe Bonamassa - The Sting 21 March 2015

We were then back in familiar ‘Different Shades Of Blue’ territory with ‘Love Ain’t A Love Song’ and ‘I Gave Up Everything for You, 'Cept the Blues’ which again showcased the tightness of the 8 piece and just when I was ready to sign up on the dotted line - wouldn’t you believe it – we were back on familiar ground with his big hitters ‘Sloe Gin’ and ‘The Ballad Of John Henry’. As for the encore – as Wrinkly will testify – I don’t remember JB encores (in-joke). What I do know is that his fan’s general indifference to the direction of Joe’s latest CD, would have certainly been allayed by this gig and they should go out and buy it. Strangely enough my favourite track off of ‘Different Shades Of Blue’ – ‘Heartache Follows Wherever I Go’ was omitted. What we witnessed tonight was the sorcerer in action with his apprentices – but despite his magic and more to the point – his magical back catalogue – I don’t think Joe will ever be able to cast a spell to satisfy everyone within a two hour setlist. AJ.


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