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Joe Bonamassa - Hampton Court Review 17/6/18

"It took until the fourth track on his set list and embarking on one of his own new slow Bluesy songs, ‘Self Inflicted Wounds’, another from his forthcoming September studio album, for Joe at last to find solace in his performance. Finally you could see the Blues wash away any anxiety and concern in him as he poured himself, along with the saxophonist and the rest of his entourage, into the entrancing, haunting guitar riffs and soulful structure of this song. From here on, touched by this and at one with their favoured Blues performer, the audience was led towards accepting the unrestricted freedom of their musical pleasure by embracing the concert with a more passionate approach."

Today read Dianne Charlton's Joe Bonamassa gig review from last Tuesday at London's Hampton Court Festival here (picture courtesy of Laurence Harvey).

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