Joe Bonamassa CD Review 12/11/20

"Unless you’re a fan, it must be bemusing to observe Joe Bonamassa’s career with a disinterested eye, the constant releasing of new albums must make them blur into a kaleidoscope, hard to distinguish between. His industry is admirable. The (v corny) punning ‘Royal Tea’ is the third release this year behind the revamped ‘A New Day Yesterday’ and the fabulous instrumental project under the banner of the Sleep Eazys. The big question for the casual listener is “does this constant output result in a dilution of quality?” The answer is no!”

Today read the third of our Lockdown #2 album reviews, as this time Simon Green gives you his take here on Joe Bonamassa's latest CD, 'Royal Tea', that was released towards the end of last month and includes today's Video Of The Day, 'Lookout Man!'.