Jewel Of The Crowd 20/8/20

Emerging from the underground of Montreal comes The Naked High, who unleashed their second EP 'Tap Into The Evil' this past May, of which their first single, 'Jewel of The Crowd', is today's Track Of The Day. Joining forces in the Summer of 2015, connected by a love of similar music ranging from Blues to Rock to Metal, the dauntless quartet brings an electric chemistry to their music, amplified when they are on stage. Indeed the six songs show the evolution of their sound from their 2017 self-titled debut as they push forward into the next chapter of the band and continue to learn from the legends that they admire while forging their own respective path in Rock 'n' Roll. The Naked High consist of Hugo Leclerc-Charron delivering solos on guitar, Simon Ouellet with Iron Maiden-esque vocals, Phil Perreault keeping the low end steady, and Charlie Cayouette backing everything up with his rocking beat!