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JD Underworld Tonight 15/10/19

Chicago's JD Simo, stops off at London's The Underworld in Camden tonight, the penultimate night of his current European tour. We're already well acquainted with the Nashville-based singer-guitarist, formerly of SIMO, their albums ‘Let Love Show The Way’ (2016) and ‘Rise & Shine’ (2017), deservedly met with huge praise, although it seems light years away from when we first saw JD with his guitar case, fighting his way through the cramped crowd at the St. Moritz Club in Soho in November 2015. His debut solo album, ‘Off At 11’, released this March, is a Psychedelic, free-flowing, dynamic kaleidoscope of sound, energy and vibe that incorporates elements of Acid Rock, traditional Blues, Folk, Soul and free form Jazz around JD’s improvisational skills. The recording of this electric tour de force of eight musically dense songs took place over a three day period in the Summer of 2018 with no edits and no other studio trickery, duly showing off not only his guitar and vocal abilities, but also the incredible rhythm section of drummer and ex-SIMO bro Adam Abrashoff and bassist Luke Easterling.

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