JD Simo CD Review 4/10/20

"Another cover version in the form of Blind Willie Johnson’s ‘Soul of a Man’ is given a modern twist, while ‘Help’ comes with layered guitar and vocals in an experimental reverb ambience. Closing out, with a return to the Blues, is the down-tempo whisky swagger of ‘Anna Lee’, which has that Jimmy Page feel about it. When comparing the original Simo line-up material, with JD's latest solo offering, it's clear that the new album is all about crossing genres, experimenting with the production and by mixing textures. That has well and truly been achieved! Indeed, “It’s a bridge between R&B and Psychedelic Rock,” as states JD."

Today read yet another one of our great Lockdown album reviews, as Geoff C. gives you his take here on JD Simo's self-titled second solo album, that was released in August, of which 'One Of These Days' is today's Video Of The Day.