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JB Master Class 25/4/17

"The band and Joe are exceptional on a number of the songs such as 'How Deep This River Runs’, where to single out the backing singers are in such fine voice. And also with ‘Love Ain’t A Love Song’, where Joe’s ability to build a song into a crescendo of sheer noise and fun is exactly what we love about him. Half of the songs were covers of Joe's guitar heroes such as B.B. King and Eric Clapton (obviously!) and I particularly enjoyed his faultless cover of EC's sleek ‘Pretending’ which becomes the launch pad for an incomprehensible six string showcase while drummer Anton Fig and the cheerleading brass section lead the audience in keeping time."

Read the whole of Wrinkly The Silver's Joe Bonamassa Royal Albert Hall gig review from last Thursday here (picture Laurence Harvey) plus check out our updated photo gallery here.


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