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JB DVD Review 5/7/17

"A simple stage set, with a seated Mr. Bonamassa front and centre, accompanied by the eight multi-talented musicians is all that is needed to let the quality of the music shine through. No frills or video screens needed, just the man in black with trademark shades providing a virtuoso display to keep the audience enthralled. Playing songs and (acoustic) guitars from almost every stage of his career, it's a set that fans of the great man would probably chose themselves and the pace is relentless, from the opening stomp of 'This Train' to the surprising finale cover of Bette Midler's 'The Rose'."

Read the whole of Phil C's 'Joe Bonamassa: "Live At Carnegie Hall - An Acoustic Evening" DVD review here which complements Phil's recent CD review plus check out today's Vid Of The Day.

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