JB British Blues Explosion Review 20/5/18

"Double Crossing Time’ is probably the one song of all the greats on here that Joe Bonamassa was born to cover. Clearly in his element, playing with such speed and ferocity that his fingers are just a blur, it would appear he is on a mission to single handedly keep the Blues alive whilst blasting through this old Bluebreakers number. Next up is our second visit to Clapton’s ‘461 Ocean Boulevard’ album and ‘Motherless Children’. It’s an instant toe tapper with its chugging steam train like rhythm, its exceptional playing all round, and the fact that this song is originally over 90 years old, proves just how timeless this music really is."

Read Phil C's complete take on Joe Bonamassa's latest live British Blues Explosion DVD which was released on Friday here plus you can also see Joe at London's Hampton Court Festival on Tuesday 12th June.