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Jarvis Leatherby Interview 16/4/20

Today's Track Of The Day sees bass guitarist Jarvis Leatherby joining The Zach Moonshine Show to talk about Cirith Ungol's new album 'Forever Black', due to be released on Friday 24th April, plus Zach will also be complementing Jarvis' interview with some brand new tracks from the CD. Formed in Ventura, California, in the early 1970's, few bands in the history of the Heavy Metal underground have a story as remarkable, improbable, or uplifting as that of Cirith Ungol. After years of frustration took their toll, the band was laid to rest in May 1992, but now, as the Cirith Ungol resurrection enters its fifth year, the band, also consisting of Tim Baker - vocals, Greg Lindstrom - guitar, Robert Garven - drums and Jim Barraza - guitar, release their first collection of all-new material in 29 years, folllowing their expansive double-live album, 'I'm Alive', in October last year. Make no mistake: 'Forever Black' is a classic Cirith Ungol album in every sense of the word with its trademark dark and foreboding riffs, pounding rhythms and soul-searing vocal attack.

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