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Jared James Nichols Boston Review 29/7/19

"However, a pivotal moment in Nichols career could be his latest single 'Nails In My Coffin'. It's a curveball, but a brilliant curveball that is quite possibly his most profound and most successful song to date. The single premiered on BBC Radio 2 as well as heavy A-List Rotation on Planet Rock and was duly dispatched with aplomb to rapturous applause. Awesome. Jared then thanked Vambo and then poignantly shared how great it was to be headlining rather than getting a ten minute support slot! The pounding Blues Rock of the superb 'Hardwired To Love' made way for some on stage drinking games before Nichols deviated from his aforementioned Living Colour support set. The headbanger 'Blackfoot' saw Jared venture into the audience once more before another explosive opening solo on 'Run' saw that famous JJN Colgate smile as he eased into another awesome solo."

With so much going on musically recently, we finally play catch up today with AJ's review here of Jared James Nichols gig at London's Boston Music Room on Thursday 18th July, supported by Vambo (today's Video Of The Day).


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