James Christian Craving 22/4/18

House of Lords singer James Christian has a long standing reputation as a fine songwriter and producer in his own right. His first solo album, ‘Rude Awakening’, was originally released in 1994 and is still highly regarded by fans of AOR. Following the return of House of Lords in the early 2000’s, he released another classy effort in ‘Meet The Man’ (2004), which featured the songwriting of AOR luminaries such as Stan Bush and Judithe Randall as well as his then House of Lords bandmates Chuck Wright and Lanny Cordola. Almost a decade later he stepped back onto the scene with ‘Lay It All On Me’. The brand new ’Craving’ (today's Track Of The Day), released last Friday, is his fourth solo record and another beautifully crafted melodic Rock release as well as strong personal statement from this mature artist and performer. The album features songwriting contributions from Tommy Denander, Chris Pelcer, Jimi Bell, Clif Magness, Alessandro Del Vecchio, Richard Hymas, Charlie Mason and Jeff Kent.