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Jake Vegas & The Black Diamonds Gig Review 17/9/20

"Their set comprised of covers of Blues standards with a sprinkling of Punkish Rockabilly, with Wiersma at times employing a chuck Berry picking-style on what looks like a Rickenbacker guitar (some murmurings from the crowd suggest it’s something a bit more special than that). The rousing chorus of 'Three Hundred Pounds of Joy' (a Howlin’ Wolf cover) reverberated around the famous 100 Club room, accompanied by much whooping and hollerin’. The final blow was delivered by a rollicking version of 'I Want My Fanny Brown', and then straight to Trisha’s to dowse themselves in Whisky."

Yes you read it correctly! Do you remember the good old days when you used to go to a gig? Well today, Ivan De Mello literally takes us back in time here, with his review of Jake Vegas & The Black Diamonds at London's 100 Club on Tuesday 10th March.


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