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Jackaman Photo Gallery 25/3/18

"For the next section of the set we got 'On My Own Stage', then 'Red House Down', and finally the snarling 'Supernasty' which was delivered with panache and attitude! The horn section adding that authentic Muscle Shoals soul vibe through out the set. Returning to the stage for the exquisite 'Nothing But My Records On' to complete the evening’s musical journey. Through out the set Lynne's vocals transcended time and space, soaring to the highest reaches of the vocal register with complete control, then dipping down low and gravely with a vibrant wailing intensity only really heard from the true legendary greats of Soul music."

That was part of Steven C. Gilbert's recent Jackaman review from London's The Half Moon, Putney, here, and as promised, today we have Bruce Biege's Photo Gallery here.

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