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Jackaman - Live At The Islington Tonite 8/2/18

Lynne Jackaman (Track Of The Day), now a part of the recording legacy at Fame Studios, Muscle Shoals, Alabama, is playing live at London's Islington tonight. Like Aretha Franklin, Etta James and Candi Staton before her, Lynne too possesses that same emotive raw power. A fireball of femininity, authenticity, love and pain in equal measure which is evident in her songwriting and performance - her (as yet untitled) debut album was cut in twelve days back in the summer of 2017 in Fame studios. There are guest appearances on the album from Spooner Oldham, Clayton Ivey, Bob Wray and Will McFarlane to name but a few, and since returning from America, Lynne has been preparing to release the record in 2018 and take the album out into the live arena featuring her new band.

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