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IT Win Best Prog Award 8/1/18

"By this time Harrison Wells lookalike Jackson had removed his the aforementioned straightjacket revealing a 'God' t-shirt before he introduced the next song - "It's a mover" - and he wasn't wrong as he smashed his percussion about on 'Gamble The Dream' - reinforcing their unique sound with its welcome Floydish tinge. If I was to pick my favourite from 'WAITT' it would be a close contest. A longer set would see the twelve minute 'The Path Of Least Resistance' as a classic finale, however, they did thankfully include the superb 'Voices' which not only encapsulates what IT is all about including outstanding keyboards from McCaffrey plus the driving engine room of Hawkins and Chism, but it also features a George Galloway speech about Iraq which according to Nick, George did in one studio take. A great way to challenge/change our political beliefs George!" That was part of our IT (Video Of The Day) Progtoberfest 2 gig review at London's The Bedford in Balham in late October and the Proggers have deservedly walked off with our 2017 WRC Best Prog Performancel award!

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