It's Going To Be Massive - Again! 9/8/18

"However, despite the fact that the rain had relented since yesterday, but thanks to copious cans of lager being opened up on stage during their set, with Ben chucking cans at his brother and Brad pouring a full can over his head whilst playing guitar (seriously) - cue Marr's wardrobe malfunction as he slipped and split his crotch - you couldn't make it up! Entertainment wise, these guys are the full package and long may it continue!" Was it really over a year ago since we caught Aussie Rockers Massive headlining The Rising Stage at Ramblin' Man Fair (pictured)? Well the good news is that the guys have just released their new single 'Roses' (today's Video Of The Day) from their upcoming new album 'Rebuild Destroy' plus they have a UK tour in October including London's New Cross Inn on Sunday 7th.