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It's A War In Here 24/2/17

"But holding centre stage, Manimal are all about Nyman. He really works the crowd well with a scary leering skull like presence that has hints of Gollum, The Walking Dead and every Brooklyn punk with a bad attitude. He’s animated, fist pumping, exhorting the crowd who were having a ball. All of which are eclipsed by his voice. Halford had the pipes and so does Nyman. The set has the same chugging tempo with everything from throbbing djent to the almost funky bass opening of 'Human Nature'. Although that doesn’t last long before the enfilade of machine gun fire opens up again. It’s a war in here."

Read the whole of Mother's Manimal/Firewind/Scar Of The Sun gig review masterpiece from last Sunday night at Camden's Underworld here plus check out John Bull's awesome photo gallery here.