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It Came Outta The 100 Club! 15/5/16

"Robot Girlfriend further reinforces BBB's thoughtful lyrics intertwined with a mean BBB' Blues guitar solo but 'All Things Considered' proves that BBB also has 'Soul' in his locker - again with its soulful backing vocals. BBB&TL's - including Matt Cowley on drums and Steve Oates on bass guitar - literally pick up on the opening pace of 'LH' with the closing track 'Not Cool Man' - once again with it's awesome keys, guitar and lyrics including the line "he's a nose picker" - you can't accuse those guys of not being entertaining! Well Luxury Hobo is cool man - now a staple on my personal play list - can't wait to see them at the 100 Club!"

Read the rest of Big Boy Bloater's 'Luxury Hobo' CD review here - however, all roads lead to London's Oxford Street tonight - so watch out for a review, pics, a vid and even an interview over the coming week!