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IT @ 229 Tonite! 14/3/18

"The Floyd influence on both the intro and outro of new single 'House', sandwiched the apt Halloween chorus of "Like a ghost in this house" before the guys rounded off their take from 'WAITT' with another cracker 'Revolution', with its heavy riff and 'Timewarpish' chorus. Brilliant. And in one of those - 'you couldn't make it up moments' - their finale was taken from their previous 'Departure' album, namely the driving 'God Is Dead' - just as two of our friends arrived - one of which was a Catholic priest who had just returned from Sunday Mass! All I can say is that the Gods are currently with IT. What a set." That was part of our review of IT at Progtoberfest 2 back in October at Balham's The Bedford and our 2017 WRC Best Prog Performance award winners return to London tonight at 229 The Venue!


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