Islington Assembly Hall Gig Review 27/2/18

"Not unexpectedly all seven songs in their short set were taken from 'Starting Gun' as they opened with two in a row that immediately got the Assembly Hall's undivided attention - ‘Hurricane’ - as it name implies - a typical Bad Flowers Heavy Rock track - followed by ‘Who Needs A Soul’ - another pure Rock song full of Leighton's great guitar. "How Are We Doing London?" yelled Leighton as the hairy trio kept up their Heavy Rock assault with ‘Secrets’ with its great chorus, and then surprise, surprise, continuing the Heavy Rock vibe, ‘Lions Blood’ - with its a great hook and sobered guitar solo - one track which we have wanted to see live since the album launch - which didn't disappoint - as did 'Be Your Man’ - with some great vocals from Leighton."

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