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Isle Of Long Shadows 7/8/21

Long Shadows Dawn is a new alliance featuring Scottish vocalist Doogie White and Swedish guitarist Emil Norberg, and their debut album as a duo, 'Isle Of Wrath', released yesterday, consists of timeless Hard Rock, such as today's Video Of The Day of 'Master Of Illusion', that evokes memories of prominent iconic ‘70s acts who continued to dominate in the following decade. Envisaging hearing White sing new songs in the style of Rainbow, a group he had joined in the mid-90’s, his Frontiers Music label paired him with Norberg, a lifelong fan of the band. Gifted with a rich and distinctive range, White had also co-founded Cornerstone and performed as part of Yngwie Malmesteen’s Rising Force (2002-7). He then joined Tank and, more recently, Michael Schenker Fest and Alcatrazz. Norberg cut his teeth performing aggressive Power Metal, and Long Shadows Dawn is his first foray outside of Persuader, his band for the past two decades.

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