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Island of Forgotten Toys 28/12/20

On the back of three recently released singles, 'King Creep' (Track Of The Day), 'Never Stop' and 'Beneath The Silence', Psych Rock outfit Kilfeather earlier this month released their new full-length album, 'Island of Forgotten Toys', on Riot Records (part of Golden Robot Global Entertainment Group). Performing with a power trio under his own name, Kilfeather is a known multi-instrumentalist but specialises in guitar, vocals, and songwriting, and has written and released over 30 records and counting since 2006. His music has been referred to as “Psych Garage Punk”, a sound that best describes a concoction of Garage Rock and Roll mixed with elements of Punk, Classic Metal and Pop music. Indeed, Island of Forgotten Toys is a 12-song powerhouse filled with every flavour of Rock and Roll, and his latest work explores many aspects of the genre while also mixing in a dash of Punk and Pop into the potion.

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