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Introducing ....... Vicious Rooster 30/9/20

Singer-songwriter Juan Abella kick-started the comeback of his musical project, Vicious Rooster, last month, with the release of its latest single, 'The Moon Is Dancing', which today's Video Of The Day. Simultaneously, the track was presented live at Chicago's annual Ruido Fest Festival, sharing the virtual musical bill with Bandalos Chinos, Francisca Valenzuela and other great artists. Vicious Rooster combines elements of Classic Rock with tints of Southern Rock and a hint of Grunge, influenced by an elite palette of renown artists such as Led Zeppelin, The Black Crowes and Alice In Chains, among others, to create its soulful sound. After moving from his native Argentina, Juan moved to Los Angeles, where he released Vicious Rooster's debut album, 'The Darkest Light", in 2017.

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