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Introducing .... The Petal Falls 12/4/20

Hard Rock outfit The Petal Falls released their long awaited second album 'All These Years' at the end of February through the Handful Of Dust label, and the title track is today's Track Of The Day. 'All These Years' is not only the culmination of eight months of hard work in post-production, but is just part of a wealth of rich material they had built up due to past, well documented, record company wranglings, that will see further releases over the next few years. The development of the Kent band's music and unique style is the result of a lifetime of musical influences that have grown into a sound that is hard to pigeon hole but is always vibrant, interesting, powerful and surprising in both its scope and execution. Indeed, one of their main strengths is the quality of the writing and the level of performance encapsulated within each and every song.

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